Introducing the new supplier of SIREN TRADING, Nuhealth S.A.

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Nuhealth S.A., the supplier of Siren Trading, is a Bulgarian manufacturer.
Experts with over 25 years of professional experience in the food industry came together and founded the company in 2016 with the aim of producing products that are healthy and at the same time in demand. The main mission of the company is to produce healthy, dietary and tasty products. An assortment of one of its main brands «RICE UP!» has expanded to more than 55 species in a short time, and all of them are innovative and fully meet the health criteria.
The main features of their products are that they are gluten-free, do not contain GMOs and preservatives, follow global trends and use 100% natural ingredients.

RiceUP! An innovation in the field of chips that makes them unique in the world — the product is made from brown rice with bran using a unique technology that allows you to maximize the health benefits of rice grains.

In addition to the RiceUP! brand, Nuhealth S.A. also owns the CornUP brand. CornUP is also a brand of gluten-free and non-GMO chips.

Nuhealth S.A. being a manufacturer. has many certificates, the main ones are the IFS (International Food Certificate), the certificate for the production of organic products, Halal and Kosher certificates.

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